What are they thinking?

Have you ever received a piece of direct mail or an offer in a bill or statement and ask “what were they thinking?”

I do. My mortgage company who offers me a higher rate than I am currently paying. My phone company offering me a deal on the same phone I  bought and paid more for the month before. The worst is my mortgage company sending the offer in a separate mail piece from my statement wasting money and really making me wonder if there is any communication within the organization.

We all have received some promotion that has made us wonder and chuckle.

And although humorous, at a certain level, you have to ask yourself “why don’t they know who I am?” The technology is available. There are plenty of studies that could support the investment in terms of cost savings and ROI. Is this a good company to do business with?

Might be just me, but I don’t think so. Do you know your customers?


About Skip Henk

President/CEO Xplor International
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