A Printer Who Won’t Take An Order

Too-busyMany of my blogs talk about the future of print and the other opportunities that may be out there for the “masters of ink” to grow and expand their business. I came across something that is a bit on the fringe but it is print per se and has an unlimited number of applications.

While doing some research on printing technologies I came across hydrographic printing, also known as water transfer printing. Never heard of the process, maybe you have, but it did peak my interest and so I spent a bit more time checking it out.

Video here if you cant see it in the post: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADq96RGRf00

Now the icing on the cake. I go to the Hydra Imaging website and right across the page it says “Until we fit our present contracts, we will not be taking any new orders.” WHAT?????

I am thinking there has to be an opportunity here. What are your thoughts?

By the way, here is the website that is not taking orders:  http://www.hydroimaging.com/index.html

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One Response to A Printer Who Won’t Take An Order

  1. I looks like a lot of work…. just painting it seems less time consuming, and probably cheaper. It’s also curious how durable the colors are.
    Nevertheless it looks like a cool process but is far from home use yet

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