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The ALS Challenge … Creating a Movement

If anyone ever doubted the power of social media you only have to look at the success of the ALS Ice bucket challenge. To date they have raised $79.7 million dollars significantly more (over 4x) than the $19.4 million in … Continue reading

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Lunch and Learn, information at its best!

Yesterday was the April edition of the monthly “Lunch and Learn” program entitled More QR/AR Fun. Moderator, and industry veteran, Pat McGrew, was her brilliant and charismatic self and once again assembled a great panel of industry experts. The program, … Continue reading

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Economic Indicator…. Christmas Cards?

I am trying to figure out why it seems my wife and I are receiving fewer Christmas cards this year. After giving some thought, these are the possibilities I came up with: The economy More electronic email greetings Facebook has … Continue reading

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Technology “bah-humbug”?

At a Christmas party I attended last weekend a discussion evolved about the “curse” of Google and the accessibility of information children have today. Being a “glass half full” person my position quickly morphed into supporting the availability of information … Continue reading

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The Flying Bus

I read an article in the paper last week about airlines significantly expanding advertising on airplanes, although airlines are no strangers to advertising with ads in the airlines magazines and commercials on the in-flight video system. Coming to a plane … Continue reading

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Lifetime Revenue

How long is a lifetime? Never gave it much thought until I heard the term “lifetime revenue” at a Pitney Bowes Users Conference. The spirit of the conversation focused on loyalty driven by great products and great service, boosting lifetime … Continue reading

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The Internet and Diapers

I read an interesting article yesterday in the Tampa Tribune entitled “College Freshman Never Lived Without the Internet” which really struck home in terms of looking at the next generation of document professionals. This Associated Press story reported that “according … Continue reading

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