2012 XDU On The Road!


Xplor International invites you to attend an XDU on the Road Seminar for professionals in the electronic document industry. The educational sessions are ideal for every company that generates bills, statements or direct mail.

This year’s theme, Making it Relevant, features content on relevant thought, design, execution and results.  Our experts in the industry will share best practices, case studies and solutions that will provide you with the information to stand out.

If you want to increase your knowledge, interact in a small group setting, exchange ideas, share your experience, find solutions, expand your network and walk away with actionable ideas, this is a quick way to recharge your batteries.  By the way, you will have little bit of fun, too!

The 2012 XDU on the Road Seminar Schedule includes:

May 1 – Dallas, Texas
May 22 – Danbury, Connecticut
July 10 – Omaha, Nebraska
August 7 – Chicago, Illinois
August 21 – Toronto, Canada
September 11 – Atlanta, Georgia
September 18 – Vancouver, Canada
October 2 – Baltimore, Maryland
October 23 – Charlotte, North Carolina
November 13 – Cincinnati, Ohio

For more info and to register please visit here


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